EpochAir RC Flying Ball Drone

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How to operate and how it works in the air

1. Simply place the ball in your open palm, then switch the power on, and the flying toy will fly into the air after two or three seconds. You can control the flying height with your hand before letting it go.

2. After the ball has flown out of your hand it will quickly rise up and then at some height it will start to descend; however, when you place your hand underneath, it will fly up again. The sensitive motion sensors underneath the ball control the power to the rotors and when it senses your hand it will power up. It is like a flying volleyball when you do this, bring you unusual playing experience.

This nifty little toy is perfect for kids, (4-14 year old should use this under supervision), and it is also fun for adults when you attempt to keep the ball in the air while at the same time try to get it to avoid flying off. This product is an ideal gift for people who enjoy gadgets and are looking for something different. 

Create a spectacular light show

Perfect combination of pearl model and labrador antique, the color of the toy changes infinitely when flying. When you turn it on, the lights flash brightly.

It attracts children’s attention greatly. Especially in darkness at night, it looks very fantastic.
Dazzle color light makes the flying ball become more and more beautiful and colorful.

  • Kids’ favorite toy
  • Parental love to your kids

Colorful Flyings RC Toy EpochAir RC Flying Ball Drone Helicopter Ball Built-in Shinning LED Lighting 

Features: Flashing
Gender: Unisex
Warning: no
Model Number: Toy Flying Balls
Age Range: 2-4 Years
Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: ABS
key 1: outdoor toy
key 2: fidget spinner
key 3: lightsaber
key 4: brinquedos

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